Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Review

Reviews of the Poker Book Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments  by Jonathan Little.
I did not find a good review online.

For me it's a good read. Short, 88 Pages. With informations and poker tips for the beginning poker tournament player. It has value, but not that much as bigger book written for another audience.
I think it's good for people new to the game and people looking to read a cheap, short poker book.
Add it to your library and the value to the table.

This ebook book has over 400 comments on amazon and a very good rating.
You can read the comments if you like.



Essential Poker Math Review

Reviews of the Poker Book "Essential Poker Math" by Alton Hardin.

Found no good reviews online.
Did not read it until now.
The new improved version, october 2016 seems to be much better with more content and examples.
@amazon it has nearly only 4 and 5 points votes.

Seems to me after reading the comments like a better to understand poker math book with many examples. Will update after reading...


Alton Hardin has some poker math courses on udemy and microgrinder.com